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Bed Bugs Fumigation and Control Services

We provide affordable and bespoke bed bugs fumigation and control services in Nairobi Kenya for residential properties and integrated bed bug management for businesses in hospitality and tourism.

Achieving high success rates of complete bed bug eradication with human and eco-friendly treatments, our company is always striving to deliver safe, quality, and cost-efficient Bed Bugs Fumigation and Control Services in Nairobi and sorrounding areas.

Get Reliable Bed Bugs Fumigation and Control Services in Nairobi Kenya

A vetted, trained, and insured technician will arrive in an unmarked vehicle/PSV/bike/uber/bolt for privacy.

We will perform a full property inspection before starting the treatment, as the bed bugs can often hide in cupboards, boxes, bed frames, bed heads, bedside furniture and other furniture, electrical fittings, and appliances, manholes, underneath carpet edges, and skirting.

GM Fumigation removes visible bed bugs and treats the area with a combination of very safe, pet-friendly, and instant-killing insecticides to eliminate any hidden bed bugs and their eggs in just one visit.

The technician applies solutions that eliminate and keeps protecting your home from bed bugs and other pests for longer in just about an hour.
Step out, then re-enter the safe and cockroach-free house after approximately two hours when the house has ventilated and the mist dried up.

The chemicals we use are almost odorless. And the fumes clear within 1 hour. You’ll be expected to leave doors or windows or both open for 1 hour before you enter your cockroach-free and non-smelly house.

GM Fumigation backs the work with our pest control report, receipt, and eradication bedbug guarantee upon booking.

Finally, you’ll get a free call follow-up by Customer Care after 7 days to determine how you’re faring and detailed recommendations to stay bugs free.

Bed Bugs Fumigation and Control Services in Nairobi Kenya

Signs Of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs are good at hiding, but not good at hiding evidence. The careless clues they leave are the best indicator your room is overrun with bed bugs. The clues to look for include:

  • Shed bed bug skins, exoskeletons or shells
  • Fecal stains on your mattress and bedding
  • Blood stains on your sheets and pajamas

Bed bug bite reactions in skin look similar to those caused by fleas and mosquitoes. Telling which insect caused a bite might not be possible.

Look for these signs of symptoms of a bed bug bite:

  • Raised, red welts
  • Burning and itching
  • Bed bug bite rash across a localized area
  • Straight lines of multiple bites

Where Do Bedbugs Hide

Proper bed bugs fumigation and control services requires a watchful eye. To feed on humans, bed bugs want close proximity to the host.

In the bedroom, box springs, headboards and bed framing are favorite spots for these pests. They may also settle into furniture and fixtures that are close to a bed.

Bedrooms are not the only place where bed bugs can be a concern. The feeding doesn’t have to be at night. All bed bugs are looking for are human hosts inactive long enough to provide a meal.

Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult. Any place that humans sit, rest or sleep can be a place that bed bugs are introduced or feed.

Sitting for two hours in a movie theater makes you a target. A favorite recliner in the living room can also make you a target. You can also become a target taking a taxi across town.

How to Prepare for Bed bugs Treatment and Eradication

Preparing for treatment is very important; it will make it easier to monitor for bed bugs that haven’t been eliminated. This preparation should be completed whether you are doing the treatment yourself or hiring a professional like GM Bed bugs fumigation and Control services.

Before you start treating your home, do a little prep work to maximize your odds of success. Make sure all your linens, carpets, drapes, clothing, and other hiding places have been cleaned or thrown out.

Next, get rid of bedbug hiding places. Pick up books, magazines, clothes, and anything else that’s lying on your floor and under your bed. Throw out whatever you can. Don’t move items from an infested room to a clean one—you could spread the bugs.

Heat treat clothing, bedding, and other items that can withstand a hot dryer (household dryer at high heat for 30 minutes), which will kill bed bugs and eggs.

Seal up any open areas. Glue down loose wallpaper. Caulk cracks in furniture and around baseboards. Tape up open electrical outlets. Finally, move your bed at least 6 inches away from the wall so bed bugs can’t climb on.

Use sealed plastic bags to transport any items that are being moved from one area to another (e.g., clothing or other items to be heated in the dryer).

Common Myths Bed Bugs 

  • Bed bugs are invisible!
    False. Adult bed bugs, nymphs, and their eggs are all visible to the naked eye.
  • Bed bugs live in filthy surroundings or prefer dirty places.
    Bed bugs prefer to live in clutter, however, they are not drawn to the dirt but rather to the warmth. Blood and Carbon Dioxide (C02) are also magnets for this pest but dirt itself is not appealing to bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs can only bite you at night.
    False. Although they prefer darker lighting, bed bugs can and will bite you at any time, that is, if they are hungry and you are around. Popping on the light unfortunately does not deter this pest.
  • Bed bugs only infest mattresses.
    False. Bed bugs can also live in couches and chairs, be transported by bags and pets, and be picked up at places as common as the movie theater, on the bus, or at the mall.
  • Bed bugs transmit deadly diseases.
    False. As strange as it seems, there are actually no reported cases of bed bugs directly transmitting human disease. Other symptoms, like insomnia and nervousness as well as side effects such as secondary infections, can be caused by the presence of bed bugs. However, zero cases of disease transmission have been reported even though they can, in fact, harbor over 20 human pathogens.

Bed Bugs Myths

Bed Bugs Prevention and Avoidance Practices

Prevention is the best approach for bed bugs. Making sure not to pick up furniture off the side of the road or that has been stored outside can help to decrease your chances of bed bugs getting into your home. Sealing up any cracks and entryways in walls lessens the chances for pests to enter and multiply. Another helpful tip is to keep a tidy and organized living space. Bed bugs find more places to live in cluttered areas than in those that are well maintained. You can knock out your holiday cleaning and prevent bed bugs from entering your home at the same time, keeping these tips and tricks in mind.

Secrets From Bed Bugs Exterminators in Nairobi Kenya

Bed bugs have been making a big comeback throughout the world. More and more home and commercial establishments are reporting infestations. In fact, these outbreaks are so common nowadays that these critters are hardly newsworthy anymore. Homeowners across the world are now on high alert for these insects, but due to the popular resurgence, a lot of myths and fallacies are developing. This is why it is important that you take the time to learn the true facts about the bug. Below, you will learn more information about these nasty little critters by our bed bug exterminators in Nairobi Kenya.

Don’t Believe The Name

Just because these critters are called bed bugs and they are most commonly found in or around the bed does not mean that it is the only place they will infect. Bed bugs like to feed on you when you are sleeping, which is the main reason they are commonly found in or around the bed, but the true fact is that they can be found anywhere in the home. In fact, these bugs like to hide in sofas, crevices of baseboards, and even behind picture frame

Bed Bugs Are Not Picky

Most people think that a home has to be cluttered or dirty in order for an infestation to take place. However, this is completely untrue, because bed bugs can infect any home. The truth is that bed bugs have been found in some of the cleanest homes, resorts, and 5-star motels. So, just keep in mind that if you suffer from an infestation, it has nothing to do with your hygiene habits.

Psychological Torture

There have never been any reported cases in which a bed bug has transmitted disease on to a human or an animal. However, this does not mean that they should be brushed off as no big deal. While these bugs do not pose physical threats it is possible that they can cause you some mental health problems. Some individuals who suffer from infestations become so obsessed with the bugs that they end up missing hours and days of sleep because they are scared to sleep in their own beds.

Not Nocturnal

Many people believe that these critters are nocturnal, but this is a complete myth. In fact, these bugs are actually really smart about your sleeping habits. For instance, if you work at night and sleep during the day the bugs are going to change their routine. They would adapt to the same sleeping patterns and feed on you during the day when you are asleep.

Bites Never Follow A Pattern

If you are waking up with unexplained bites on your body the first thing you are going to do is probably hit the Internet and start researching. There are tons of sites out there that will tell you bed bug bites appear in a certain order, but this is completely untrue. Bed bugs bites will never show up in the same pattern on different people. In fact, there are some people that do not even react to the bites at all.

Now, that you know some unique facts about bed bugs you should know that they are very hard to get rid of and might require the assistance of a trained professional. If you fear that you are suffering from bed bugs you might need to contact GM bed bugs fumigation and control services in Nairobi Kenya.

When do bed bugs bite?

Ever heard of the phrase, “Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite”? This is because bed bugs bite during the middle of the night. They often attack when their victim is fast asleep.

Since most people often blame mosquitoes and skin conditions like eczema, it can be tricky identifying a bed bug problem.

The truth is, bed bugs don’t carry diseases. However, they are an annoyance and their bite can be extremely painful and may cause allergic reactions.

Health Problems Caused By Bed Bugs

Knowing that your body may be bitten as you sleep can be extremely stressful. Although bed bugs are not known to carry disease, their bites and the subsequent itching can lead to infections. Some people may suffer from an allergic reaction due to these bed bugs.

People might experience redness and swelling. Bites can be extremely itchy, making these pests particularly pesky. Welts often develop a few days after being bitten.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs 

While these pesky critters cannot fly, they spread by hitching a ride on your clothes and bag. One of the first steps to take is to clean your beddings, pillows, and other furnishings that are infested. You may also consider throwing away your old bedsheets and pillowcases. Bed bugs nest and hide in fabrics.

The second thing you can do is to consult a pest control expert who can help identify infested areas. Pest exterminators are equipped with the knowledge of where these critters usually hide. They can help remove them in an efficient and effective manner.

Furthermore, a professional knows the behavioral pattern of bed bugs and has the tools to inspect hard-to-reach areas. They also have the right products to remove pests without damaging furnishings and the environment.

Chemical vs Non-Chemical Bed Bug Control

What is chemical bed bug control?

Chemical methods for bed bug management involve using insecticides and applying them to areas where bed bugs are located as well as other hotspots around your property.

What is non-chemical bed bug control?

Non-chemical methods for bed bug management involve:

  • Detailed inspections

  • Thorough cleaning of bed linens, curtains, and other furniture

  • Vacuuming of all areas inside your property

  • Using oil-based insecticides like Neocidol

Why Should you Book Our professional Bed Bugs Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Nairobi Kenya

Please contact us immediately for more information about bed bugs fumigation and control services in Nairobi Kenya. Our pest control strategies involve a combination of non-chemical and chemical methods. Some of these methods require your cooperation in order to ensure the best end results. An effective bed bug control is only possible with the full support of the homeowner.

With a team of experts who have decades of experience, we are able to identify areas where bed bugs hide. We use effective tools and products to get rid of these bugs. The products we use for treatments are child and pet-friendly.

We have licensed pest and building professionals and members of the PCB. We guarantee that all our pest control services are eco-friendly!

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