Best Medical Equipment Suppliers in Kenya

Best Medical Equipment Suppliers in Kenya

In the intricate landscape of healthcare, access to quality medical equipment stands as a fundamental pillar in ensuring effective diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. Among the crucial facilitators of this access are the dedicated Medical Equipment Suppliers in Kenya. These suppliers play a pivotal role in sourcing, distributing, and maintaining the equipment that healthcare facilities rely on to deliver essential services.

As Kenya strides towards achieving universal healthcare coverage and addressing the diverse healthcare needs of its populace, the significance of establishing robust networks of medical equipment suppliers cannot be overstated. These suppliers serve as vital intermediaries, bridging the gap between healthcare providers and the essential tools required for delivering optimal patient outcomes.

Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of sourcing the best medical equipment suppliers in Kenya, shedding light on the key players:

Villa Surgical & Equipments Ltd

“Villa Surgical & Equipments Ltd is a premier provider of hospital and medical equipment in Kenya, renowned for its commitment to quality, reliability, and excellence in service delivery. With a steadfast focus on meeting the diverse needs of the healthcare sector, Villa Surgical & Equipments has emerged as a trusted partner for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and medical facilities across the nation.”

Villa Surgical & Equipments LTD


Phoenix Equipment Limited

“Phoenix Equipment limited is registered in Kenya as a supplier of Medical equipment and solutions for hospital field and homecare use with efficient distribution channels to supply efficiently across Eastern Africa.
In todays fast paced world, special medical needs are dire and to a medical practioner in all fields of medicine, getting the right equipment or solution at the right time saves or prolongs life.”

Phoenix Equipment Limited


Crown Healthcare

“The leading providers of medical devices and supplies within the region. We at Crown Healthcare are your ideal, one-stop destination for healthcare solutions. Whether you are looking to equip a medical centre or execute a national project, we have the flexibility and experience to respond to healthcare needs at all levels. With operations in five countries and a team of over 500 professionals, we aim to be your partners in delivering the best care to your patients by always providing you with timely, quality solutions.”

Crown Healthcare


Jowina Medical Supplies Limited

“Jowina Medical supplies limited is a registered company in the republic of Kenya. The company was founded in 2018 as a pioneering organization in the field of medical equipment and hospital supplies.

We are one of the most reliable and dynamic medical suppliers in the territory of Kenya. We have distinguished ourselves as dynamic thought leaders by adopting a business model anchored on robust partnerships that facilitate an efficient distribution network that ensures our products are readily available to our clients countrywide”

Mediplug Equipment Suppliers 

“Mediplug Equipment stands as a cornerstone in Kenya’s healthcare landscape, providing an extensive array of premium medical equipment and supplies to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals across the nation.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the dynamic healthcare sector, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in delivering superior products and unparalleled service.

Our comprehensive catalog encompasses a diverse range of categories, ensuring that healthcare facilities have access to everything they need to deliver exceptional patient care.”

Mediplug Equipment


Allied Medical Suppliers LTD

“ALLIED MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD was incorporated in the year 2012 as a private limited Company that imports and distributes quality medical and laboratory diagnostic products to Clinical Institutions, Universities and Research Institutions at competitive prices.

We are located in the central business area of Nairobi, Njengi House 5th Floor, Tom Mboya Street and having warehousing facilities along Thika road Nairobi.

The main facilities available include offices, room temperature store and a cold chain facility. We are listed by The Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board act and Pharmacy and Poisons Board act; of the laws of Kenya – as an importer and distributor of medical laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables.”


“Surgilabs Limited is one of Kenya’s oldest suppliers of medical equipment, surgical instruments, hospital disposable products & orthopaedic products. We represent international supply companies like Teleflex, Masimo and Medicoplast Germany. Our unparalleled service and knowledgeable staff mean that you’ll receive exactly what you want. No fuss, no delays, no nonsense – just the products you want.”

GM Medical

“GM Medical is Your Kenya’s One Stop Solution For Medical Equipment, Supplements Distribution, Home-health Care Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment & Direct Patient Education & Services.”

Medical Equipment Supplies Kenya

“At Medical Equipment Supplies Kenya we take pride in providing the best products and industry leading after sales services. We offer competitive prices and support you throughout the whole journey from procurement, to instalation and training.”

Alpha Surgicals Suppliers

“Located in Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital, Alpha Surgical Suppliers Limited Supplies started at Mfangano Street in 2010 and moved to Inter fina House, Tom Mboya Street in 2012. Alpha Surgical Suppliers Limited Supplies is a professional supplier for various kinds of Medical Equipment and Wheelchairs.

The company has a strong Sales and Technical Assistance team and It enjoys good reputation Regionally by offering High quality products and excellent service. The company strongly believes in “Quality brings great development” and always focus on quality. We are committed to delivering quality products for the region with a focus to guarantee our clientele excellent service”

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