Car Parking Shades Companies in Kenya

Car Parking Shades Companies in Kenya

Top Car Parking Shades Companies in Kenya

We have several car parking shades companies in Kenya. Therefore making a choice among the many available options can be a daunting task. If you own a car, car shades you totally understand the importance of having a car shade. We have compiled a list of companies offering quality car shades in Kenya at affordable prices. We will also cover car parking shades prices in Kenya.

Maisha Car Parking Shades and Carports

“Maisha Car Parking Shades & Carports is one of the leading modern car parking shades companies in Nairobi Kenya. What drives us is quality & professionalism.

Our fabric material; imported from Europe / Asia and assembled in South Africa; is of highest quality and comes with 15 years warranty. We only use 100% waterproof/ heatproof material.

Maisha Car Parking Shades & Carports offers the most competitive car park shades prices / cost for all our Carports and offer creative car shade designs with very strong structure.”

Golden Car Parking Shades

“We are premier Car Parking Shades construction company in Nairobi Kenya. We specialize in manufacturing high quality Car Parking Shades and tents i.e. high peak tents, truck covers, canopies & camping.

Golden Car Parking Shades Nairobi

Our car parking shades are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Whether it’s scorching heat or heavy rain, our shades will keep your car safe and secure. We offer a range of shade options to choose from, including single carports, double carports, and even custom designs to fit your specific needs.”

Supreme Car Shades

We specialize in installing a wide range of car parking shades in Kenya for both residential and commercial clients. Our team of skilled professionals has years of experience in the industry, and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and services to our customers.

In addition to car parking shades, we also offer beautiful and functional shade solutions for your outdoor living spaces. Our pergolas are perfect for creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor living area, while our balcony shades and canopies provide shade and privacy to your balcony space.

Supreme Car Shades Kenya

Disney shades and Technology

“We’re a leading provider of shade & canopy solutions in Kenya. We provide first class tents and soft roof shelter solutions. We manufacture, construct and install shades and canopies for car park shades, restaurants, branded gazebos, garden umbrellas etc.

Disney shades and Technology

Our car park shade structures are designed to offer maximum protection possible whilst still remain aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the environment. We have very professional staff who are dedicated to offer quality services while adhering to the set standards and timeline. With different options we are able to provide protection from harmful UV rays and rain.”

Baraka Shades & Canopies

Baraka Shades & Canopies

“At Baraka Shades and canopies we specialize in the Design, Manufacturing, Fabricating and installation of high-quality modern car parking shades, shade structures and canopies in Kenya, ranging from car park shades, Swimming Pool Shades, Privacy Shade net / Screen Fence, Sail Shade, Sun Shades, tent products and equipment to branded garden umbrellas for various clientele ranging from commercial site to residential homes, businesses, schools, organizations and individuals.”

Diamond Canopies

“We are one of leading car parking shade companies in Nairobi Kenya. We have distinguished ourselves in Design work and installation or car parking shades, shade sails, screen fence, canopies shades and tent making for commercial and residential projects.

Our strength is our qualified and dedicated staff, who go at any length to satisfy our clients. We have vast experience and good knowledge of serving our customers by understanding their needs. We aim to providing our client with the best and professional service which represents a good value for their money. It would be highly appreciated if you could consider our company in your future businesses.”

Shadepro Solutions

“Have you been looking for the perfect car parking shades that act as the perfect shade solution for the heat in Nairobi, Kenya? Worry no more as we have just what you need. Shadepro, as a prime manufacturer of car parking shades, is here to provide you with the best car parking shade structures you can find. High-Quality Car Shades At Your Disposal.

Shadepro Solutions

We are a car parking shades customer-oriented manufacturer in Kenya. Therefore, all our car parking shade Solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific requirements and needs. Our car parking shades are not only aesthetically pleasing and innovative but also very durable to resist the harsh weather of any area within Kenya.

Our emphasis on quality car parking shades with affordability makes us the perfect choice for you. If your car parking shades solutions need the perfect blend of beauty with functionality, then contact Shadepro immediately and get the best car parking shades solutions in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Shade Systems

“At Shade Systems we specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of applications to suit your Car Shading requirements. From shading to fully waterproof structures. Shade systems provide a wide range of Car Parking shades which are widely appreciated by our clients for easy installation and negligible maintenance. These are available in the various customized sizes & dimensions and can be easily installed by the end user.”

Car Shades Kenya

“We are currently the leading supplier of car parking shades in Kenya. Our products can be applied from office parks to residential areas, from car wash to car dealerships. Our carport shades will provide your car with effective protection from both sun and rain. They also serve as an alternative to a conventional garage.”

Selin Solutions

“We do car Shades with the longest serving period due to high quality materials that are approved by KEBS. Our materials are mainly non-waterproof (90%) and water proof (100%).We give our clients a written warranty so as increase confidence in our products.

We make supply and install car shades all over Kenya in reasonable prices. We make durable shade at an affordable cost, high quality materials with all colors available. Delivery done country wide.Price given per square meter.”

Shade Spot Enterprises

“Established in 2016, Shade Spot offers a complete turn-key solution for all your car parking shade structure needs in Kenya. We supply and install quality cost-effective car parking shade canopies to accommodate each client’s particular needs. From single bay solutions for office / residential car parks to large shade structures for commercial buildings and retail centers in Kenya.”

Car Parking Shades Prices in Kenya

Car Parking Shades Companies in Kenya charge different prices for the carports. Below are average prices you will get in Nairobi Kenya.

1 Car 8 x 16 Ksh 80,000 Ksh 75,000
2 Car 16 x 16 Ksh 140,000 Ksh 130,000
3 Car 24 x 16 Ksh 200,000 Ksh 180,000
4 Car 32 x 16 Ksh 250,000 Ksh 230,000
6 Car 90 x 20 Ksh 320,000 Ksh 300,000

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