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GM Garbage Collection services (bulky waste collection service in Nairobi, Kenya) is safe, affordable and convenient way to safely dispos off waste. Do you have bulky waste like fridges, building wastegarbage or anything else that requires a professional touch? Book a collection now to get your bulky waste collected. We have a package of one-off or contract jobs, depending on your needs.

Running a home or a business can be a full-time job and daily garbage disposal is simply part of it. Let GM Garbage Collection Services be your partner in taking care of your trash pickup. We offer a variety of trash collection and recycling services and solutions, no matter your needs. And to make your work easier, in some areas we’re able to bundle our most popular trash removal services so you can manage them all in one convenient place.

At GM Cleaning Services, focus with our service is providing a professional & eco-friendly rubbish removal and collection in Nairobi. We will keep you fully informed of costs and timings throughout our simple process, as we want our customers to have complete understanding of the services we provide for them. Affordable and efficient – those are our promises with garbage collection services in Nairobi Kenya, and that’s why Kenyans love us.

Reliable Garbage Collection Services in Nairobi Kenya

Why Choose Our Garbage Collection Services

We have made waste removal and garbage collection services as open for customers as possible, by being open 6 days a week, from 7am to 6pm most days. This ensures that both residential and commercial customers will be able to book a GM van to come and remove their junk at a convenient time. There’s nothing worse than a service that is hard to use because of opening hours, so that’s why we work in this way – to make waste removal & collection in Kenya as simple for you as possible.

As well as this, we are also fully insured and licensed by the Environment Agency to clear all forms of junk and we will always dispose of your junk lawfully; our major concern is to maximize recycling and minimize landfill usage. We extend our work to all corners of Nairobi Kenya, from Karen to Lavinton, Runda to Langata,Thika road,Eastlands the GM lorries go the extra mile to bring you a trusted waste removal & garbage collection services in Nairobi.

Commercial Garbage Collection Services in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you a commercial business who produces regular waste and rubbish? At GM, we offer many industries a stress-free and helpful waste removal service, tailored to take the hassle out of removing your junk. We arrange a regular collection time every week that suits you, promptly remove all that you put out for us, and repeat! It’s as simple and easy as that, saving you time and money.

Do you need a very quick collection of materials? We’re also able to provide an on-demand service for you, and we’re happy to help. As well as the regular collection service, we are always available for you if you n

Domestic Garbage Collection Services in Nairobi, Kenya

For every Nairobian resident, we all at some point have to get rid of a large item or pile of junk. We can either leave it outside the front door or somewhere in the house, lying around and taking up space, or we can take action and get professionals to remove it for us. That’s where GM comes into play.

Our professional domestic garbage collection services & disposal services in Nairobi is second to none, leading the way in terms of quality of service in affordable pricing. For quality and price, there is no better option in Nairobi for domestic waste collection & disposal in Nairobi.

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