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Professional cleaning services in Kasarani. No 1

With a history of going above and beyond other agencies to deliver expert cleaning services each time, we are your go-to cleaning company in Kasarani. Our superior house and office cleaning services in Kasarani are also provided at a fair and reasonable price. We diligently pursue excellence and consistently wow our customers with our superb and trustworthy house and office cleaning services in  Kasarani.  You won’t find anybody better than our skilled cleaners in Kasarani, which is why we are the cleaning agency for all of your home and office cleaning needs.

At GM Cleaning Services, we only hire the best house cleaners we can find, and we make sure they are all completely vetted and well-trained for your piece of mind. Our top priorities are your enjoyment and safety, so we only work with the most reliable personnel. Our house and office cleaners in Kasarani take great pride in their work and always provide the best house cleaning services.

Sofa Set Cleaning Services in Kasarani

Sofa Set Cleaning Services in Nairobi

One of our more popular requests is to clean sofas. One reason is the outcomes we have regularly delivered to homes and businesses throughout  Kasarani for many years. Examine the outcomes for yourself rather than just our word for it.

We can guarantee that our cleaning procedures are the best available. They will provide you with the best outcomes and won’t harm your furniture in the process. Only by eliminating odors and stains will we be able to restore their freshness. Our goal is to restore your sofa to as close to its original appearance as we can.

If the furniture is in poor shape, the living room cannot be perfect. When you choose our sofa cleaning services in Kasarani, your living space will be ideal.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Kasarani

Nairobi carpet cleaners

Even in the cleanest of houses, carpets gradually accumulate dirt and grime over time despite the fact that household carpet cleaning tools and chemicals are more sophisticated and efficient than ever. GM qualified staff and specialized tools are waiting for your call, whether you need us to make your prized carpets look like new or to remove an unsightly stain.

We are well equipped to give your carpets the clean of their lives thanks to our many years of experience and staff of extremely knowledgeable and trained workers. We may schedule a time that works for you and give you a price right away. Even better, we’ll show up cheerful and on time! You won’t believe it, really.

In order to prepare your carpets, we first apply a light cleaning solution that is designed to target spots. Then we deeply clean the pile of your carpet by flushing a mixture of hot water and environmentally safe cleaning agent. This stirs up the fibers and aids in removing grime that ordinary household objects can’t reach. Finally, using a powerful vacuum, we remove the water that has been combined with dirt and grime. Carpets dry more faster and are left clean and smelling great.

To clean your carpets, our crew employs the most well-known hot water extraction method. It dries quickly, is kind on the environment, and contains no harmful chemicals. This ensures that after our cleaning is done, the room will be free of any potentially harmful odors.

We combine the best methods with the most cutting-edge and effective tools. Our incredibly skilled and welcoming team members are prepared with a variety of techniques to remove any challenging stains. We can organize and arrive at a time that works for you and provide a quote before we arrive. We will give you the greatest carpet cleaning service in Kasarani, and we’d be happy to demonstrate our abilities.

Mattress Cleaning Services in Kasarani

We also provide a very well-liked mattress cleaning service to all of our customers here at The GM Carpet Cleaner.

While most individuals frequently wash and clean their bed’s linens, they rarely do the same for the mattress.

However, it is well known that mattresses eventually start to harbor a variety of “nasties” that must be removed in order to keep your home clean.

Have you ever noticed how musty your bedroom frequently smells? If so, your mattress likely needs to be cleaned as a result.

Every night, we all spend about eight hours in bed. When you’re hot, you perspire, and if you stay there long enough, the perspiration slowly seeps through.

Any dense material object, such as a mattress, will inevitably become completely covered with dust mites due to even the typical quantity of dust in any home.

Since many individuals have allergies to dust mites, your mattress may be to blame if you wake up with a runny nose or other allergy symptoms at night. A professional clean will undoubtedly improve your quality of sleep.


However, a word of caution. Your mattress will be properly cleaned by our experienced staff, who will dig into the deep fibers to remove stains, trapped dust, and any other filth, leaving your mattress clean and fresh throughout. Cleaning your mattress yourself will just remove surface debris.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Kasarani

Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

You’ve come to the perfect place if you have a business in Kasarani and want to proudly uphold your reputation. Some of the largest offices in Kasarani are clients of ours. We support the upkeep of these offices’ reputations by keeping the carpets clean. We have a history of transforming untidy, unprofessional-looking workplace carpets into a pristine foundation for a formal and effective working atmosphere.

Viewing some of the incredible work we have done in the past in our gallery will help you understand why so many offices have selected us to maintain the cleanliness of their commercial carpets.

Even if you stay on top of your workload and all other business-related tasks, you could miss office carpet cleaning from time to time. Don’t be the Kasarani workplace that disregards “first impressions.” Show display your pride and put other offices to shame.

Select us to do routine upkeep on the carpets in your office. Think about the crucial issues at work rather than when the next carpet cleaning is due.

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Kasarani

Cleaning Stewards Training Services

For all types of homes,offices we offer thorough after-construction cleaning services. Trust GM’s Cleaning Kasarani to remove the trash, dust, and debris left over after a remodeling or building project is complete. Since we’ve been cleaning construction sites for years, we know how to complete the task quickly and affordably. Our hourly-based, fully insured after-construction cleaning is available. Since this is an all-inclusive service, we must inspect the property to ascertain the precise number of hours required to perform the work and provide an accurate price. We provide a free on-site viewing when it comes to a newly constructed property. If the project is minimal (often cleaning up after reconstruction),


What’s covered by the service
Because of this, we offer entirely customisable post-construction cleaning services in Kasarani. We recognize that cleaning needs may vary based on the scope of the building project. We advise scheduling a no-cost viewing of the property. To provide you with the accurate and most affordable quote, we take these steps. The skilled builders cleaners have the equipment and expertise required to provide cleaning services that meet the highest requirements in the sector. They have developed expertise in a range of post construction cleaning services, including window washing, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

Why GM’s Builders Cleaning Kasarani is the best option
Free Property Inspection
Free estimates with no commitment required
reasonable prices
Discounts for bundled services and other unique offers Dependable service that you can count on
Cleaning after Construction Checklist:
We guarantee a clean, dust-free property.

We clean up after renovations by doing, but not just limited to:

sanitize each room and space.
Clean bathtubs, showers, fittings, fans, toilets, and other bathroom amenities
pristine wainscoting and skirting
Keeping all doors and door frames clean
switch and socket cleanliness
The woodwork and surfaces will all be polished.
Deep cleaning of the hard flooring will be performed

Deep Cleaning in the Bathroom:

All bathroom fixtures, including the sinks, tubs, and showers, are cleaned and sanitized by us. To get rid of the accumulated dirt, the cleaners use hard brushes to scrub the tiles on the walls and floors. Grout cleaning is done with a single disk floor scrubber.


Deep Cleaning in the Bedroom:

Picture frames and door frames get dusted by us. All of the electrical appliances, floors, and tiling are dusted, mopped, and brushed by the cleaners. Additionally, our experts straighten and organize mattresses, vacuum and turn the mattress, and change the linens as needed.


Other Topics:

We provide thorough cleanings of the floor, windows, and balcony area. To get rid of the dust and grime on the chairs, sofa, carpet, curtains, and mattresses, we vacuum them.

When is a deep cleaning necessary?
Deep cleaning is a very helpful practice that will completely transform the appearance of your home or place of business. Knowing when extensive cleaning is necessary is one thing you must know. Here are the most frequent scenarios where extensive cleaning is necessary:


When relocating to a new apartment or villa, you should thoroughly clean, steam clean, and sanitize the space. To ensure that you are bringing your family to a secure and sanitary location, the villa needs to be thoroughly cleaned both inside and outdoors using a high-pressure water machine.

Moving out at the conclusion of a lease is another frequent occasion when people engage deep cleaning specialists. This will allow you to transfer ownership of the house.

Are you trying to find a housekeeper? Someone qualified and trustworthy who can look after your home? You can rely on us! At CleaningCompany.GM, we offer part-time maids in Nairobi who are completely qualified to deliver the best standards of services. They are vetted, experienced, and well-trained. We constantly keep an eye on the results of the work that our GM cleaners produce. You can use our occasional, weekly, and monthly maid services.

When is a deep cleaning necessary?
Deep cleaning is a very helpful practice that will completely transform the appearance of your home or place of business. Knowing when extensive cleaning is necessary is one thing you must know. Here are the most frequent scenarios where extensive cleaning is necessary:


Why you should engage a maid service:
Saving time and effort Most residents of Nairobi lead busy lives between their homes and workplaces. The weight of time-consuming tasks like housecleaning is another factor. Therefore, by hiring a housemaid, you’ll have more time and energy for the things that matter most to you.

You receive expert cleaning services: An expert and knowledgeable cleaner is aware of the best techniques and equipment.


coivd 19 disinfection services in Kenya

Simply wiping down surfaces with soap and water won’t suffice to keep your home clean. To get rid of dangerous pathogens, you need to clean and sanitize. In Nairobi, we offer full cleaning and disinfection services for residences, workplaces, and storage facilities. We use goods that the Nairobi Municipality has approved. Additionally, we educate all of our specialists on the government-issued standards for hygiene, health, and safety.

How do we disinfect and sanitize?
We use the clear, tasteless liquid disinfectant control 3, which is based on hydrogen peroxide. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including furniture, walls, floors, and tables. Because it is food grade, the chemical is safe to use around children and animals. For both children and animals, control 3 is skin-safe. It breaks down into oxygen and water. For higher efficiency and improved reach to all surfaces, we fog as well as spray. An electric ULV cold fogging device and a pump pressure sprayer are employed.

Stage 1: Our personnel arrives at your location with the necessary tools and personal protective equipment (PPE). To get rid of all the dust and debris, they clean and wipe off the surface.

Stage 2: The team will fog or spray the surface with the sanitizing solutions. With a ULV atomizer sprayer, we employ Fogger Machine. It is then allowed to dissolve and absorb for ten to fifteen minutes. All surfaces with high contact points, such as doorknobs, arm rests, tables, switches, countertops, and light controls, receive additional attention from us.

Stage 3: Wipe all damp spots as the last action. This procedure will guarantee that there are no chemicals at your location.

We also employ a portable, powerful steam generator. To sanitize the sofa and mattress, we steam them. Studies show that steam cleaning eliminates 99.99% of typical home germs. Such a strong effect comes from steam. The finest method of sanitizing without chemicals is steaming. Since it doesn’t need any cleaning products and utilizes little water, it is environmentally friendly.

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