Safety Equipment Suppliers in Nairobi Kenya

Safety Equipment Suppliers in Nairobi Kenya

Here is a full list of the best Safety Equipment Suppliers in Nairobi Kenya. Personal protective equipment is protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter. Safety equipment foe sale in Nairobi/Kenya.

1. Tekiria General Suppliers LTD

Tekiria General Suppliers LTD specializes in supplying PPEs (personal protective equipment supplier in Kenya) and Making of staff uniforms. We also offer branding services (embroidery/printing) in accordance to the client design and specifications. Quality, safety, durability, and timely delivery are the backbone of our values.

At Tekiria General Suppliers LTD, we stock every kind of safety equipment and PPE, including respiratory protection, HI VIS safety workwear, height safety and skin protection. We stock safety equipment for materials handling, with ladders, platforms and elevated work spaces. And we’ve got you covered for personal protective equipment for the feet, with waterproof and steel capped work boots, plus a range of accessories.


2. Unipro Limited

Unipro Limited specializes in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and tools. Unipro is in the market to uphold and implement safety standards by providing safety equipment that adheres to the relevant EN and ANSI standards and that are СE certified.

We provide all necessary technical data sheets as well as to relevant certificates of conformities. Unipro has a team of certified technical personnel that can assist the market and form a market decision on safety and tool needs. We provide free risk assessment audits in conjunction with the main partners.

3. Urban Tex Enterprises

Urban Tex Enterprises is a leading supplier in personal protective equipment- PPE in Kenya such as Overalls, Safety Boots, Dust Coats, Reflector Jackets, Safety Gumboots, Safety Goggles, Welding Goggles, Leather Gloves, PVC Gloves, Respirators, Dust Masks, Safety Harness, Safety Helmets, Caution Boards, Caution Signs, Chef Jackets, Chef Aprons, Chef Hats, Nanny Dresses, Polo T-shirts, Round Neck T-shirts, Hoodies, Security Guard Uniforms, Security Guard Boots and Fire Extinguishers in Nairobi Kenya, etc. We also are the best Safety Equipment Suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya, Every Accident – Every Time – If It’s Predictable – It’s Preventable. – Use Personal Protective Equipment.

4. Nairobi Safety Shop

Nairobi Safety Shop is the largest supplier of Safety, Security and Health equipment in Africa providing all necessary equipment, systems and supplies. We are supplier of safety products, equipment and signage, including warning signs, lights, barriers, guards, protective clothing and boots.Our shop has hit great search on the globe due to wide products range. Its a one stop shop. Shopping has never been this easy, with few clicks you have your order serviced and delivered. Nairobi safety shop, we deliver at your door-step.

5. SafetyHub

As leading PPE suppliers, we are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality workplace safety equipment and PPE industrial supplies in Kenya. Supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kenya. Spread the love. This refers to any clothing or equipment We develop personal protective equipment (PPE)

Safety Boots: Safety Hub Enterprises is the Largest Ultimate Plus safety boot supplier in Kenya. We provide high-quality safety boots for both personal and industrial purposes.

Safety Work Wear: For over 5 years now Safety Hub Enterprises have been Kenyan’s leading quality safety workwear supplier.


Incorporated in 1990, KEMA (E.A.) Limited is a leader in the personal and protective equipment industry within the East African region. We provide tailor made uniforms and apparels, as well as promotional and branded products to ensure satisfaction of our customers’ work wear requirements. Over the years, we have expanded from our headquarters in Nairobi – Kenya, and set up operations that span across the entire region. Indeed, our ultimate goal is to make Africa as a whole, a safe and productive environment.

Welcome to Resonate Essentials Ltd, the company that provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and industrial safety equipment to help you meet today’s high health and safety standards. As leading PPE suppliers we are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality workplace safety equipment and PPE industrial supplies in Kenya.

7. Resonate Essentials Ltd

We are pleased to offer you PPE supplies from many of the leading manufacturers of industrial PPE, including 3M, Vaultex, North, JSP, Rocklander, Safety Jogger, Delta Plus – to mention just a few.

As one of the in-country leading safety equipment suppliers we provide you a complete solution, ensuring that all of your safety equipment supplies are of the highest quality, offering reassuring reliability in even the toughest environments. As industry established partners in PPE supplies we can help you to select the most appropriate safety equipment for your industry, and can advise on current regulations and legislative requirements.

8. Safecon Enterprises Ltd

Safecon Enterprises Ltd was founded in 2013 and deals with supply of Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (from Head to Toe). We supply best quality industrial safety products and personal protective equipment (PPE) in Kenya. The company has been committed to providing consumers with the highest quality industrial safety products and personal protective equipment with standard sizes since its founding. Safecon enterprises ltd can also cater to your own personal needs if required. Our success entirely lies with the continued support of our clients. We are also committed and focused on environmental and public safety issues that have enabled the company to sustain growth over the years.


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  1. zeliesafety (INSTAGRAM) too is a good supplier for the personal protective equipments and very much reliable.

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