Cleaning Machines for Hire & Supply

Commercial cleaning companies or individuals  who require machines on a short-term or one-off basis,  will find exactly what they need from GM Cleaning Services.

We have a wide variety of cleaning machines and equipment which we can supply you to aid all your cleaning needs. We house it all, whether you are looking for sofa set or carpet cleaning machines or steaming machines, just give us a call and we will gladly supply with modern quality cleaning machines.

Hiring cleaning equipment from GM Services provides a range of economical and suitable solutions. Choose from a variety of machines that we have.  For jobs where you need to hire more serious cleaning equipment than the equipment you have at home, our range of vacuums and water blasters will help.

Cleaning Machines for Hire & Supply

When to hire or rent cleaning machines

When considering hiring cleaning machines, the most important thing to consider is what you need and what will give you value for money. By renting, you can make the most of short-term sales potential without tying up capital. Or, as a start-up, it allows you to save your seed capital and gives you access to a professional machine pool according to your current needs.

Seasonal renting: always ideally equipped

Rental machines allow you to attend to seasonal tasks like window cleaning, sofa set nd carpet cleaning – without substantial investment. That way you only incur the cost of the machine while it is also earning you money.

Hiring means saving

Rental machines offer more than just the opportunity to save on investments. Renting gives you greater financial leeway and opens up options for other investments. What’s more, you can optimise cost control and use top-class machines maintained to the highest standard and with all of the required tests. That way you only incur the cost of the machine while it is also earning you money.

Flexibility – the way you want

Always use a machine that is ideally suited to a particular task. And only for as long as it is needed. With the freedom to exchange it while it is still fully functional. No long idle times. No idle capital. No gradual loss of value.

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