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We offer professional and customised sanitary bins services in Nairobi Kenya(sanitary bins disposal services) and other Hygiene products at affordable cost. GM Hygiene and Sanitary Bins Services specialize in providing a Comprehensive and Professional Cleaning Service for Commercial Washrooms. We provide a full range of washroom services, including the collection and disposal of sanitary waste and replenishment of soap dispensers and air fresheners, as well as the supply of hand dryers and washroom vending machines.

It’s important for businesses to adhere to Sanitary Waste Disposal Regulations of the land. Legislation obliges all commercial premises in the country to have appropriate facilities for the disposal of sanitary waste, and states that such waste must be collected and disposed of by a registered waste carrier. This legislation imposes a duty of care on all employers and business owners. We service Commercial Washrooms and manage feminise waste for businesses, schools, hotels and offices throughout Kenya.

Sanitary Bins Services in Nairobi Kenya

Why Choose Our Sanitary Bins Services in Nairobi Kenya

We pride ourselves as the leading sanitary waste disposal company in Nairobi, Kenya and our sanitary disposal is done in a safe and environmentally conscious way, weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis.
In addition to providing a professional and hygienic Sanitary Waste Disposal Service, we provide a range of Sanitary Bins, both standard and Bio.

We provide your washroom cubicles with one of GM Hygiene’s sanitary bins services available in a range of finishes. Our feminine hygiene bins are uniquely designed for simplicity, ease of use and optimum hygiene.

Our experienced trained technicians will perform regular scheduled visits, according to your needs, exchanging your feminine hygiene sanitary bins on each visit, ensuring maximum hygiene is maintained within your washroom.

Pedal Sanitary Bins in Nairobi Kenya

Providing your female washroom visitors and employees with a discrete and hygienic way to dispose of feminine waste is a vital consideration.

  1. 18-liter, blue, no-touch silent lid opening designs that protect users from seeing the contents inside.
  2. Feminine waste is handled in a safe, sensitive, and environmentally friendly manner.
  3. Pedal-operated bins.
  4. Offer a discreet and convenient method to safely and hygienically dispose of sanitary waste.
  5. These bins are slim to fit any cubicle or washroom.

Sanitary Bins Collection Services and Disposal Services for Offices

(Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation of Kenya recommends that all businesses should ensure all female toilets are provided with a suitable method for disposing of sanitary waste and thus we as GM Cleaning services is ready to partner with businesses, schools, institutions and commercial premises to offer quality and professional sanitary bins collection services and Disposal management.

We do supply standard Sanitary Bins and other accessories . Contact us for more information here, or give us a call on 0721979781 or email us at
Our sanitary disposal units are user friendly and we have a range of options to suit your needs. A low profile (to fit below the WC seat to ensure comfort for the user) is standard across range.

Sanitary Bin Disposal Laws

We understand Sanitary Waste Law as per National Environment Management Authority(NEMA) and thus we ensure that businesses ,institutions, Schools, Industrial plants, Commercial Buildings and Premises, Hotels and Restaurants, Churches meet all the requirement as stipulated by NEMA. All female washrooms should have a suitable means for the disposal of Sanitary Waste and also proper disposal measures.

GM Cleaning Sanitary Bins Services can help to ensure your sanitary bins are disposed of in a safe and hygienic manner by offering sanitary, nappy and incontinence recycling. We also offer a customized regular visits with regards to the specification of the client so as to ensure utmost hygiene levels maintained within the washrooms.

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