Cleaning Stewards Training Services

Cleaning is an essential task that has to be performed everyday. Everybody enjoys living and working in a clean environment. You may already know that a tidy home and workplace promotes productivity, but did you know it’s also good for your mental health? Studies have shown that people with tidier and cleaner homes are also the healthiest and most active.

After years of engaging in offering professional cleaning services in Kenya, we have learnt that in as much as cleaning seems as an obvious task, it is not so.

Especially when it comes to offering cleaning professionally, one requires special training to help them in operating the cleaning machines and know how to conduct themselves as professionals.

This cleaning training aims at enhancing the skills, capabilities and knowledge of cleaning professionals. The training process moulds the thinking and leads to quality performance when delivering the cleaning services.

Does your cleaning staff need training? Or are you an individual looking to learn how to use cleaning machines and execute tasks professionally?

We are here to help. We will offer you skills that will improve your productivity or help you secure your next job as a cleaning steward.

Cleaning Stewards Training Services

Benefits of training

Training is not only necessary for new entrants but it is equally important for the existing employee also. In case of small concerns, training will be given by a supervisor or by someone specialized in the field, whereas in a large unit there may be either a full time training officer or training department.

Being an endless process, proper training benefits the organization, the existing employees and the new entrants as well.

The following are the some reasons why you may need to do employee training:

  1. Improves morale of employees- Training helps the employee to get job security and job satisfaction. The more satisfied the employee is and the greater is his morale, the more he will contribute to organizational success and the lesser will be employee absenteeism and turnover.
  2. Less supervision- A well trained employee will be well acquainted with the job and will need less of supervision. Thus, there will be less wastage of time and efforts.
  3. Fewer accidents- Errors are likely to occur if the employees lack knowledge and skills required for doing a particular job. The more trained an employee is, the less are the chances of committing accidents in job and the more proficient the employee becomes.
  4. Chances of promotion- Employees acquire skills and efficiency during training. They become more eligible for promotion. They become an asset for the organization.
  5. Increased productivity- Training improves efficiency and productivity of employees. Well trained employees show both quantity and quality performance. There is less wastage of time, money and resources if employees are properly trained.
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