Fumigation Services in Nairobi Kenya

Fumigation Services in Nairobi Kenya

What are fumigation services or pest control services?

Fumigation is a technique of pest control that fully fills an area with gaseous insecticides and pesticides. Fumigation is normally used to suffocate or poison pests within a building (structural fumigation) grain, soil and produce.  It is also used during the processing of properties to be exported or imported to avert transfer of exotic pests.

Fumigation Services in Nairobi Kenya

Common pests to fumigate against

Pest Control Services for both commercial and residential structures take care of a broad range of pests like cockroaches, fleas, flies, ticks, bedbugs, termites, ants, and other pests. It is important that the premises to be treated several times in a year to protect your home or business from these pests.

How often should I schedule pest control services to my property?

Fumigation is very essential for both commercial and residential areas. Every structure, both commercial and residential buildings, should be pest free. There is a wide range of business and equally a wide range of property type making the need for fumigation to vary significantly from one property to another. Below are the factors to be considered before scheduling the frequency of fumigation.

1. The previous history of pest at your property

Have you ever incurred a pest’s problem in the past? Has your property ever been fumigated by a professional? The answers to these questions can impact how often you should schedule commercial pest services. A property with prior pest problem should be fumigated consistently.  The frequency of pest control services in an already infested area or structure should be more compared to an area where fumigation has not taken place.

2. The type of business property you own

The type of property your own will affect the frequency with which you aught to fumigate your property. For instance, hotels and restaurants will require a consistent and frequent pest control services. Food industries requires at least monthly fumigation. When your business is dealing directly with people, it is very important to ensure that your property is pest free. Clients will tend to avoid areas invested with pest and this may lead to low profitability of your organization.

3. The amount of time you have to deal with pest on your own

When choosing the frequency to fumigate, one as to consider the amount of time that he/she uses to deal with the pests. It is normally appropriate for an individual to contact pest control service providers or a professional if he/she consumes a lot of time in trying to get rid of the pests.


What are the benefits of fumigating?

Fumigation eliminates all pests regardless of the stage of life the pests are at for example, eggs, pupa, larvae and adults. Fumigation is always the appropriate treatment to get rid of all type of pests at different stages.

Fumigation is a speedy answer to your problem. Many pest control measures normally take longer period to work, including sprays. Fumigation is fast, often taking care of your pest problem overnight. This may be essential for delicate and sensitive settings or commercial establishments in which there’s zero acceptance for pests.

Fumigation has the ability to get to those ‘hard to reach’ areas where pests may be hiding. It permeates a room, even if the room is filled with your belongings. Fumigation can reach where sprays, dusts, aerosols and other typical pest control materials cannot, ensuring complete pest eradication.

Fumigation is ideal in sensitive environments, including food processing and storage facilities. There are reduced residue problems in fumigated areas compared to typical pest control treatments.


What is the most appropriate method of fumigation? Should you hire a professional or do it yourself?

If you are thinking about dealing with pests on your own you need to think about the amount of time you have to commit to the process. In businesses that serve food, protecting against pests can seem like a daily task. Many types of pests are attracted to the food and water that is prevalent in food establishments. This means that they will be persistent about trying to get into your property. If you choose to deal with the pest control on your own you need to invest some time and money into the process of learning and acquiring the appropriate equipment. You may find that you need to incorporate occasional commercial pest services into your DIY plan in order to provide adequate protections. If there ever comes a point where your plan is not working then you can always hand all of your pest control needs over to the professionals.

Why hiring is the best option

When your premise is invaded by pests, particularly when the problem is severe, you want the utmost effective pest control remedy obtainable on the market. Majority of people choose to use sprays and residual applications, but in most cases, these types of treatments are not entirely effective. Repeat treatments are the result, which can cause expensive bills and a pest problem that isn’t totally eliminated. When it comes to effective pest control, in some cases, a pest professional will determine that the most efficient option is fumigation. Fumigation is a great option for pest control and when performed by a trained professional, it can be completely safe and effective. This option is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial facilities facing pest problems

How to choose the best fumigation services company

Choosing the best fumigation services company can be a hard task. Below are some of the factors that should be considered before contracting pest control service providers.

1. Evaluate Customer Reviews

One of the critical tip that will guide you in choosing the best pest control services company in Nairobi Kenya is the reviews. Before you contract any pest control company, it is important to inquire that you know how most clients who have used pest control services react. It is important to pay attention to customer feedback because it will help you to evaluate the best pest control company you should select. Therefore, assess customer reviews to know the best-rated pest control company you should hire.

2. Years of service

When you are searching for the right pest control services company in Nairobi Kenya, ensure that you pick one that has a good track record. Years of services means the company has done research and invested so much, but you should still be careful in choosing the best company. Research and know the records of a company that you are interested in. In other words, you are advised to look for the best company that will offer you with the exact services you need.

3. Right Insurance Coverage

In deciding the best pest control services company in Nairobi Kenya, make sure that you consider choosing a company that is adequately insured. You need to make sure that you are protected because pest control services may end up affecting you. In case an accident occurs, and you are dealing with a company that is not insured, then you will be asked to be responsible for all the damages that arise. Therefore, when you are dealing with the rightly protected company, it will give you extra peace of mind when pest control services are being carried out in your home.

4. Registered with the pest control board

Most pest control services company in Nairobi are in the business but have not registered with the right board. They purchase pesticide in the agro and just to the work. A company that is registered get instruction from the board on which product is approved on the market and give this company the latest and effective pesticide to use

5. Pest control and fumigation Pricing

Do not select a pest control Services Company in Nairobi based on price alone, an advertisement in the phone book or the “deal of the week” or “Discount” Be cautious of unsolicited sales pitches and never select pest control services just because your neighbor’s property is being treated or because there is “leftover spray from another job”. Ask for references and check them! Don’t be pressured into an immediate decision. No pest situation requires immediate treatment. Most of the time a delay of a few days or weeks won’t make any difference. Take time to gather information and make a good decision.

5. Choose a company with reliable customer service:

This applies to almost any industry, it is no less important. Companies with good customer service typically are companies that care about giving their customers quality service. If a company you are considering is difficult to contact, rude, or unprofessional, odds are they do not hold any of their staff to very high standards. As such, you could expect their treatment quality to be of an equally poor standard. So when making your choice for the pest control service company in Nairobi Kenya choose “care and quality

6. Choose a company with knowledgeable technicians:

Pest technicians are the core of any pest control services company. They will be the ones who are treating your home, and as such you want to work with a company that properly and thoroughly trains their technicians. Field technicians are supposed to be pest experts, and as such they should be able to answer questions about pests, treatment, and other related info.

While they may not have every answer, they should at least be willing to find out for you, and if the technician seems to be confused or untrained, they should not be treating your home. Beyond this, technicians are the face of a pest control services company, and therefore their appearance and mannerisms should represent the company well. If a technician is sloppily dressed or rude, it reflects that the company does not care to present a good face to customers, and therefore should not be relied upon.


CRAWLING PEST (bed bug, roaches, ants, spider, flea 1 4500.00
2 6,000.00
3 7,000.00
FLYING PEST( mosquitoes, bees, bats, wasp, flies, month
1 5,000.00
2 7,000.00
3 9,000.00
RODENTS (rats, mice, squirrels, moles, snakes
1 4,000.00
2 5,000.00
3 6,000.00
Per square meter 25.00


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GM bed bugs treatment

Our bed bug treatment methodology:

  1. Residual Spraying of bed frames Mattresses, bed linen, Duvets
  2. Clothing’s in the wardrobes and curtains.
  3. Crevice and crack in wall areas.
  4. Seats and Couches and Furniture within the premises.

After which the premises must be locked airtight for a maximum time of three hours for the pesticide to take full effect. Depending on the level of bed bugs infestation, a follow up service must be done seven days after the initial fumigation to ensure total extermination.

How to get rid of bed bugs naturally in your home

However, there are some things you can do at home to supplement a professional.

1. Use hot water to wash all clothes, linens and anything fabric that may have contacted the bugs. Heat will kill anything hiding in your linens. Use a dryer to dry everything as well, because a dryer will hit the bugs with a double dose of heat. Just make sure you pay attention to the tags on the fabric, as your linens may be dry clean only. Dry cleaning can also kill bed bugs, but make sure you inform the dry cleaner of the possible infestation.

2. Once you’ve given your bedding the heat treatment, follow up by vacuuming all areas of the infested room(s). Vacuuming will remove any bugs from the nooks and crannies in which they may be hiding. Use a brush to loosen all bugs and eggs. Make sure you clean out your vacuum thoroughly afterward and dispose of any vacuum bags outside of the house. Use a steamer on things like your mattress and box spring. Steam will take care of remaining eggs.

3. Cover your mattress, box spring, and pillow in a completely closed bug-proof cover. Sealing up your bedding with a cover ensures that anything left will not be able to escape or feed and will eventually starve. Starvation can take up to a year, however.

4. Spray them. After cleaning, you can now use a spray, in this case, a pesticide spray for bedbugs. Give special attention to areas where the bedbugs hide. You can use a simple hand-held sprayer from the market or improvise one. Avoid contact with the pesticide and remember to read and follow all instructions and label directions carefully. Dispose cans well and keep unused pesticides away from children’s reach.

Finally, prevention is ongoing. Clean often checking for signs of a recurrence. The earlier you catch bed bugs, the easier they are to clean out. Inspect all used items that you introduce to the house. When staying in a new place, check that bed for bugs. When returning from a trip, clean everything you took, including your luggage.

Pest control companies in Kenya

1. GM Fumigation and Pest Control.

\”GM fumigation and Pest Control Services is a registered pest control services company in Nairobi, Kenya. Rest assured, our treatments and products are pest specific. That means they won’t harm humans and pets. Plus, you can rely on our licensed team of in-house technicians who are equipped to deliver the highest standard of treatment, no matter the type of infestation.\”

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2. Rentokil Kenya. Local Pest Control Experts

\”Rentokil Kenya, the experts in pest control, have stood for effective control ever since we were founded 60 years ago, and established in 1927 in the UK. As one of the pioneers of professional pest control in Kenya, Rentokil has helped shape and develop the pest control industry. We have been providing effective and reliable pest control to both commercial and residential customers since then and have grown to become most trusted pest controller.\”

3. Conpest Pest Control

\”Our Kenya pest control services offer a lasting solution to our esteemed clients both in homes and commercial properties we guarantee cockroach control services, mosquitoes control services, bedbugs control services, bedbugs FAQ and extermination services, termite control services, bats control services, bees control services, wasps control services. we acknowledge pest extermination, pest controlling, pest removal, pest eradication is a strategic pest control procedure to eliminate unwanted insects from your home and its environs\”

4.KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company.

\”Our goal is to offer our customers pest control and cleaning services that are reliable, efficient, and reasonably priced. For the health and safety of people, families, and companies, a clean and pest-free environment is crucial. Our aim is to assist our customers in achieving the level of cleanliness and pest-free environment they seek for their home or place of business.

Along with pest control, we provide a range of cleaning services, including window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning,  general and deep cleaning services. In order to safeguard our customers and the environment, we exclusively use eco-friendly cleaning materials for both residential and commercial establishments\”

5. Solcity Cleaning and Pest Control Services.

\”Solcity Cleaning and Pest Control services offers powerful, customized general pest infestation treatments that eliminate pests during the first round of operation. Results are immediate: instantly, killing various pest infestation where they live and breed. We work fast, thoroughly and effectively with as little disruption as possible. We also do free follow-ups.\”

6. Agile Pest Control Services

Agile Pest Control is a registered pest control  services company offering fully comprehensive pest control services in Kenya. We are licensed by the Pest Control Products Board (pcpb) Kenya,  National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and fully insured. We offer our fumigation services to residential units – apartments or villas, food processing units, health care centers – hospitals and clinics, warehousing services, maritime services, hotels, restaurants and catering establishments, offices, govt & public institutions.

7. Pest Flash Pest Control

\”This is Kenya\’s Top Best Provider of Tailored Services for Integrated pest control & Fumigation Services. As the best Providers, We understand that: Pests and Rodents in your businesses can affect the way your customers view you and your company, pose serious risks to employees health and your property safety.\”

8. Anticimex Pest Control Kenya.

\”Anticimex pest control kenya  is a leading East and Central Africa PEST CONTROL , WASHROOMS, PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS, TERMITE CONTROL specialist. The company currently has operations in 6  countries across East africa\”

9. Bestcare Pest Control Services

“Bestcare Pest Control provides trusted, industry approved, fast, effective and reliable pest related solutions for domestic and business customers. Our pest control service is rapid and will fully meet your expectations. And, as experts in our field we deliver effective results at affordable prices by getting straight to the heart of any issue. Simply put, we offer the most effective pest control services services in Nairobi and throughout Kenya.

No matter what the scale or kind of pest situation, our expert team will be delighted to talk through your requirements. This applies whether you want an intensive treatment or a full pest prevention plan. Bestcare Pest Control Services; We always try to find a solution that you are happy with at affordable prices for the best value. We are on call 24 hours a day to attend to all manner of situations that need an emergency pest control service response in Nairobi Kenya.”

Pesticides and Insecticide Supply

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