Best swimming pool cleaning services and Repair in Nairobi

Swimming pool cleaning, maintenance and repair services in Nairobi. With a routine pool care package from GM Services Ltd  you can unwind in a clean, secure pool all season long at the most affordable rates in the neighborhood.  Our adaptable maintenance plans are offered on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or one-time basis. For 12 to 20 weeks, most of our clients take advantage of weekly maintenance. Schedule your routine maintenance service today to ensure that your pool is always ready for you to jump right in!

Have you been unable to determine why your pool pump stopped functioning? Do you have concerns that the pool filter may be damaged but require professional advice to confirm this? We at Geoffe Mitch Pool & Spa are aware that occasionally you may require urgent swimming pool repair that you are unable to handle on your own. In those circumstances, all you have to do is give our knowledgeable staff a call, and we will be pleased to help you with all of your swimming pool requirements in Nairobi.

Maintenance of pools
To genuinely have a “Maintenance-Free” pool, Geoffe Mitch offers a weekly pool cleaning and chemical service.

During each weekly cleaning visit:

Pool vacuuming
Clean the tiles and walls.
Swab the skimmer baskets clean.
Filter cleaning or backwashing
Clean out the pump and filter basket.
Clean up any surface debris.
Check and correct the chemicals
Create a service ticket detailing our work.

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Our factory-trained staff will scrub, brush, vacuum, and net your pool and waterline thoroughly every week. When necessary, they will backwash filters, empty robotic cleaner bags, and empty skimmer and pump baskets. Each week before they depart, they will correctly adjust run times and valve placements for the best circulation based on the climate and season. We can happily modify the chemical composition of the water using your chemicals or, if you prefer, our chemicals so that you won’t need to worry about storage.


Even though we offer a far more thorough service, our full service pricing are comparable to others in the region. Every time we visit, you’ll get a thorough electronic service log detailing everything we did, any chemicals we applied, and any other details you might find useful, like water level and filter cleanings.


Avoid Expensive Unnecessary Pool Repairs.
Prior to needing to spend more money than required on pool or spa repairs, identify mechanical and water quality issues. Our routine maintenance plans at Geoffe Mitch. include routine inspections of your buildings and equipment by our skilled experts. If there are any irregularities that require addressing, we’ll let you know right away. We respect your business and only perform fixes that are required. We provide the necessary parts for pool maintenance and have you covered. Geoffe Mitch Pools Itd. provides you with precise estimates and knowledgeable repairs for:

Cracks and leaks
Filters and pumps
persistent algae, stained jets.

swimming pool repair services -GM

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional For Pool Liner Replacement Services
You probably already know how much labor it takes to maintain a pool if you own one frequently. When you own a pool, you have to stay on top of various jobs like cleaning, upkeep, and repairs. If you don’t have the necessary equipment or skills, even the tiniest fixes might turn into a major nuisance. The replacement of pool liners is one of the most frequent repairs that pool owners require assistance with. Even though it might not seem like much, there are a number of reasons why hiring a professional is your best option if you want to replace your pool liner. Hiring a knowledgeable third-party organization has a number of advantages.

Liners for swimming pools have the potential to be very hefty. Some pool liners might actually weigh up to 6 tons. You can’t just get in there and do it yourself when it comes to making repairs or replacing them because of this. When working with pool liners, failing to follow the correct safety procedures might result in significant injury. This is why it’s always preferable to engage a specialist to complete the task for you. You need a license and insurance for this employment in order to do two things. Basically, a standard homeowner’s insurance policy won’t protect you, so you must be a contractor.

You won’t make damaging mistakes that ruin your pool.
The fact that a professional will know what they’re doing is another reason why it’s better to engage them to replace your pool liner. It’s possible that you’ll try to do this fix and fail miserably. This may result in serious problems and possibly harm to your pool. Your liner could be overly short or have an uneven fit. Your liner may become very challenging to remove the following time as a result. Additionally, damaged pool liners might make it more challenging to maintain the pool’s functionality and cleanliness.



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